Graduate Programs Ranked Second in the Nation


Posted on July 29, 2016

Knoxville, Tennessee–Graduate programs in supply chain management in the Haslam College of Business are ranked second in the nation, according to “Survey Analysis: Top 25 North American Supply Chain Graduate University Programs,” a report issued July 14 by Gartner, a leading industry research company.

UT’s graduate supply chain programs were ranked third in Gartner’s January 2016 report “Top U.S. Supply Chain Graduate University Programs, 2014.” Pennsylvania State University held the highest ranking both years, UT ranked second, and Michigan State University ranked third in 2016. The same schools are also in the top three of Gartner’s ranking for undergraduate supply chain programs (“Survey Analysis: Top 25 North American Supply Chain Undergraduate University Programs, 2016,” issued in June 2016).

“We believe the rankings truly demonstrate the quality of education that our students receive,” said Chad Autry, head of the marketing and supply chain management department. “Gartner’s use of objective data and examination of multiple program dimensions in their assessment seems to cement our position in the upper echelon of the academic field. We believe this assessment will translate into future success for our students and impact on their organizations.”

For the highest graduate ranking, Gartner ranked 44 universities nationwide on program scope, industry value, and program size, gathering data through surveys and interviews of industry professionals and academics.

UT tied with several schools for the second-highest score for program size and was third for program scope. Haslam’s graduates shared the highest industry value score with graduates from MSU and Penn State.

“Our supply chain faculty have built strong corporate relationships across multiple industries,” said Steve Mangum, dean of the Haslam College of Business and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair. “Those relationships help our students gain real-world perspective and experience so they can effect change early on and throughout their careers.”

UT’s supply chain programs are consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally by Gartner, U.S. News and World Report, SCM World, and Supply Chain Management Review.

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