Water Cannot Sink These Cardboard Boats

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Posted on July 30, 2016

Article by Tennessee Gazette

Heber Springs, Arkansas–Cardboard boat builders and captains converged on Sandy Beach in Heber Springs for the 30th Annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races today. Competitors designed and built their cardboard boats using cardboard, paint, and duct tape. Boat builders and racers come from all over the United States.

Two best friends from the Little Rock area, Brent Bennett and Michael Peach, entered for the first time.  After pulling their green boat from the water, Bennett exclaimed, “We just built a cardboard boat in about 20 hours, and we put up a pretty good time. I’m shocked! We entered about three weeks ago. . . .  It’s kind of a summer adventure.”

Competitors spent hours–and some even day–coming up with designs and constructing their boats.  However, they were unable to practice since doing so would weaken their cardboard structures.

Excited about his team’s success, Bennett continued, “We will definitely do it again. Hopefully we’ll do it a couple more times today, but it depends on how the boat holds up, how much water we take on.  I think we’ll do pretty good.”

“It’s been a  great time out here today,” Bennett said. “[I’m] just glad the weather held up for us.  That’s really all we can ask for–is a good time with family and a bunch of friends out here and friends on boats in the water.  You can’t beat this kind of summertime event.”

Each team had to propel their boat using only human power as they raced through a set course. People lined the shore and swim area, while numerous boaters surrounded the area to watch the competition.

Darcy Sackwar and some of his coworkers from Dessault Falcon in Little Rock made good time in their boat.  “We just burned that course up.  51.10 seconds!”  Sackwar stated.  He and his coworkers are mechanics.  According to Sackwar, they  determined they would just build their own boat. “If they [other builders] can build it, we can build it.”  So, they got together on Saturdays and did just that.  But, Sackwar is not new to the World Champion Cardboard Boat Races.  “This is my 28th year to be in this race,” he proudly added.

Other activities included tug-a-war, treasure dig, a sand sculpting contest, beach volleyball and a cardboard boat demolition derby.

Heber Springs is located 60 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas, on the shores of Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River.

To learn more about the World Championship Cardboard Boat Races CLICK HERE



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