Wife of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Arrested

Noor Mateen and her husband Pulse gunman, Omar Mateen, from a Facebook profile photo.

Posted on January 16, 2017

Article by TennesseeGazette.com

Orlando, Florida–Police swooped in Monday to arrest Noor Mateen in connection to the PULSE Night Club shooting that took the lives of 46 victims in Orlando, Florida, officials said. The FBI made the arrest in California, where Noor Mateen’s family lives. According to one source, charges stem from obstruction of justice. Noor Mateen’s husband, Omar Mateen, was killed in a shootout with the police during which Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS during hostage negotiations. Pulse was a gay bar, dance club, and nightclub in Orlando, Florida, founded in 2004 by Barbara Poma and Ron Legler. Noor Mateen is expected to make an initial court appearance in front of a federal judge on Tuesday.

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