Missouri and Arkansas Gripped by Devastating Flooding

Eureka Springs Fire & EMSArticle by Tennessee Gazette

Posted on April 29, 2017

Parts of Missouri and Northwest Arkansas are being effected by devastating flooding after showers and thunderstorms moved through the states. Rogers Fire Department in Rogers, Arkansas, reported on their Facebook page that they have conducted several water rescues during this event. Missouri Governor Greitens declared a “State of Emergency” due to flash flooding, and a Missouri woman lost her life after the vehicle in which she was riding was swept away by flood waters.  Across the state of Missouri, there have been nearly 100 evacuations and 33 water rescues so far. Eureka Springs Fire & EMS of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, said on their Facebook page, “If in doubt turn around, be patient & make wise decisions! Many roads and bridges in the area are covered in water at the moment. It only takes a couple of inches to float your vehicle off course. Even if you are familiar with a road, if it is covered then you can’t see the hidden hazards such as manhole covers that have floated away, boards/logs, maybe the road is washed out underneath or a downed line.” More rain is expected.

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